I always feel a release of city stress, a little internal sigh, as we turn the car off the busy main highway from Victoria towards Sooke.

Current Craving

When I think of holiday treats, I think of chocolate (or bourbon–but that’s another story). And when I want chocolate, I will likely choose cake: a da...

Cooking with Ancient Grains & Seeds

Ancient grains like einkorn, farro, teff, spelt, and millet -- along with seeds like chia, quinoa, and buckwheat -- are a healthier alternative t...

Farmer’s Quiche with Heirloom Tomatoes

With a cornmeal crust on the bottom and a layer of heirloom tomatoes on top, this might be your new favorite quiche.

Vegan Salted Chocolate Mousse

Imagine an intensely rich mousse, silky smooth with a subtle balance of sweetness and smoked salt.

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Winter 2018 - Digital Issue

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