Edible Notables: Genesis Tallow

By creating a business based on integrity and sustainability, their products are bringing together a community.
By | July 08, 2021
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As the old saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” And while newlyweds Brie and Jacob Cook didn’t invent the use of beef tallow for skin moisturizing purposes, it was Brie’s struggle with acne and scarring that first led her to using the product. After seeing how incredibly well it worked on her skin, Jacob began to use it to help heal his bricklayer callouses and was equally impressed with its soothing properties. So began the onset of their business, Genesis Tallow.

Tallow (rendered fat) actually has an ancient history of being a reputable skin salve. It is 100% natural and nontoxic and is made from what would otherwise be one of the most wasted parts of an animal. Tallow’s structural composition is similar to the human cell, which makes it extremely effective at promoting cell generation. The balm sinks deep into your skin, where its rich nutrients and vitamins hydrate skin, protect against damage, relieve redness and itchiness from dry skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars.

Genesis Tallow ensures that all products are made from organic grass-fed and grass-finished cows from Beaver Meadow Farms, thus supporting sustainable farming methods that prioritize the welfare of the environment and the lives of animals. Brie and Jacob pride themselves on educating the public on the hidden harmful ingredients that most companies add to their skin care products, starting a movement toward ethical, transparent business values that honour and respect the environment.

For Brie and Jacob, Genesis Tallow isn’t just an income stream. They are passionate about the product because they truly believe in its efficacy and want to share it with those who need it. “We have had people crying because the relief was something unimaginable for individuals who suffer with eczema and psoriasis,” says Jacob.

By creating a business based on integrity and sustainability, their products are bringing together a community. “People want to support people, and they want it to feel like family,” says Brie. By being consistent with their products and values, they are building a foundation of trust for their customers. “We want to provide both the purest healing tallow from the earth to ‘cure what ails ya,’—and a family if you need one.”

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